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Maccabiah Games, 1973–1997.

“The Maccabiah Games job was the first time that I created an entire promotional campaign. Before that, one designer would produce a billboard poster, another would design a medal, a third one would design the front cover for the catalogue, and yet another would design a coin – and each would be given free rein to design as he/she saw fit. But I refused to work this way, and said there had to be a single, focused visual message, and this concept carried through the Maccabiah Games for over the next twenty-four years. I created the designs for six Maccabiah Games – in recognition of which the International Olympic Committee awarded me the title of Olympic Artist of the Year”.


The Maccabiah Games, are an international Jewish and Israeli multi-sport event now held quadrennially in Israel. It is the third-largest sporting event in the world, with 10,000 athletes competing. The Maccabiah Games were declared a “Regional Sports Event” by, and under the auspices and supervision of the International Olympic Committee.

the Maccabiah logo

Poster for the 9th Maccabiah, 1973

10th Maccabiaj games, 1977

10th Maccabiah poster, 1977

Medals of the 10th Maccabiah games, 1977

12th Maccabiah, 1985

12th Maccabiah poster, 1985

13th Maccabiah, 1989

14th Maccabiah, 1993

15th Maccabiah, 1997

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