Corporate identity



Israel Fuel Corporation, 1982.

Delek is one of the largest fuel companies in Israel. Its nation-wide gas stations are of extremely varied architecture character. The problem of unifying these incoherent structures was solved by “eliminating forms” with the powerful use of color.

Considering the various technical capabilities of those in-charge of implementing the design on-site, the manual gives clear, simple and precise instruction for painting all stations – a 1-meter-high red strip on green background. And so, a consistent impact was achieved.

The bold design faced initial implementation difficulties due to some station owner’s hesitation of this ‘color revolution’. And so, at first, the program was implemented in only a small number of gas stations. But when the other stations saw the resulting rapid rise in sales, their owners were convinced, and within a short time all the company’s stations bore the distinctive red-and-green identify.

See original sketches at Centre Pompidou design and architecture collection

Sketch for painting Delek gas stations, 1978–79

Painting schemes for Delek gas stations, 1978–79

Delek's corporate-image manual, 1978

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