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Broken Fingaz X Dan Reisinger


“In tribute to Dan Reisinger’s illustrious career; following his mantra of turning ‘play into work, and work into play’ Haifa-based collective Broken Fingaz create a monumental public art work that proves how timeless Reisinger’s work truly is.” – BFC

July, 2022, Jerusalem

A mural in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem by BFC, tribute to Dan Reisinger

Fingaz Studio - 13 colors silk screen print, 70 x 50 cm, Edition of 100, numbered, 300G fine art paper

Establishing the Knesset

Permanent exhibit at the Israeli Parlament, 2021


Mr. Teddy Kollek, director general of the office of prime minister David Ben-Gurion asked Reisinger for a new year greeting card for the PM’s office. Reisinger’s sketches of the newly built parliamnet building – the knesset – and surrounding compounds of the Israel Museum and Hebrew University served as the theme for the new year greeting card.

80 x 15 cm. Charcoal on paper, 1963

New year greeting card for PM David Ben-Gurion, 1963

Permenent exibit at the Knesset



UCLA Nazarian center for Israeli Studies

Dan Reisinger: Designer of Israel

A retrospective of Israel’s most influential and prolific designer, who passed away in 2019. Reisinger’s body of work represents a history of Israel through design, beginning from the earliest days of the state and including logos and posters that became part of the nation’s identity and “visual language.”  The talk will look back at Reisinger’s family history, immigration to Israel after the Holocaust, and acceptance into Bezalel School of Art, and then explore some of his many and varied designs for their rich aesthetic and historical value. It will also look at Reisinger’s innovative use of Hebrew letters for their communicative and visual possibilities, for which he is well-known.

May, 2022

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National Library, Jerusalem

Jerusalem – Place and Symbol

On the occasion of establishing Dan Reisinger archive at the National Librery, Jerusalem, the talk highlights Reisinger’s continues engagement with and refers to Jerusalem in his long career.

January 2021

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(in Hebrew)


Prints release


13 colors silk screen print
70 x 50 CM
Edition of 100, numbered
300G fine art paper

Signed by Broken Fingaz with a printed signature of Dan Reisinger

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Silkscreen prints


Untitled, 1971
Silksceen, 70 x 70


Reisinger 67-76, 1976
Silkscreen 70 x70 cm, signed and numbered,


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Untitled, Silksceen, 70 x 70 cm, 1971

Reisinger 67-76, Silkscreen 70 x70 cm, 1976

original silkscreen moduals 60x60cm

Original posters



El Al Rainboeing the skies, 1971

Promotion poster for the introduction of the Boeing 747 to the El Al fleet

Lithograph 52 x 89 cm / 22.5 x 35 in.


El Al destination posters, 1969

Silksceen 49 x 69 cm / 19.5 x 27 in.

ILS 1500 / $450


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Rainboeing the skies, 1971

El Al - Rome, 1969

El Al - Istanbul, 1969

El Al - Copenhagen, 1969

El Al - Zurich, 1969

El Al - london, 1969

Giclée prints









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Giclée prints

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